Digital Billboard Advertising

The reason why digital ads are so successful is because it effectively engages the audience. It enables them to interact and manipulate the advertisements. Thus creating a more personal and memorable experience for the potential consumers. It’s also very eye- catching. I mean, who could ignore an ad that is so spontaneous and clever which also includes beautiful girls falling from the sky (referring to Axe’s ad campaign)? And there’s that opportunity to create “the next big thing” in Effective Advertising. Using digital ads effectively can provide outdoor advertisers that element of surprise to delight and capture the consumers’ attention.

Painted Bulletins, also known as painted billboards, are covered with an outdoor paint which is resistant to the weather elements. Some outdoor paints are specifically made to withstand fading. Advertising on these type of billboards is typically good only for a month or two. After that, in spite of the special paint, these boards tend to fade and lose out on their effectiveness.

She said she is not surprised that her detractors are making up these controversies. “Let's just say, puwedeng competitor, puwede din na isang tao with an ax to grind…Mahirap magsalita kasi ayokong pumatol sa isang hindi kapatol patol.”

While the large billboard companies are making handsome profits from the sale of outdoor advertising space, so are hundreds of thousands of property owners also known as billboard landlords. Most billboard locations throughout Pennsylvania are leased from property owners. Billboard companies sign a long term land lease to use a small portion of the property for the erection and display of a billboard sign. The billboard company is responsible for the construction and maintainance of the advertising sign as well as the associated costs. The property owner or billboard landlord receives an annual billboard land lease check.

Three separate advertisements can be showed in rotation by using a mechanical system in mechanical billboards. Some businesses use digital billboard which is the advanced form of billboard advertisement. It uses LED and other techniques are for promoting messages. Special computer programs and software are used in digital billboard advertisement. In order to reach people across the long lanes and homes, mobile billboards are used. Ad vans and trucks showing advertisements move in local areas attracting lot of customers. These trucks can use printed billboards or electronically produced digital images.