Choosing Between Billboard and Online Advertising

Digital Billboards may be the future of advertising but digital ads aren’t perfect. For one thing, it definitely costs more than traditional outdoor advertising. And there’s also that issue of being a visual pollution and distraction drivers. It can also be harmful to people during storms and hurricanes. Because of this, more cities are banning billboard outdoor advertising. So chances are that this isn’t the best platform especially for small businesses.

The efficacy of billboard advertising depends on visibility - with regard to population and traffic. The most effective billboard advertisements are those that have high visibility with regard to traffic and population. As a rule, to get high visibility, many billboards are used. In addition to helping with the effectiveness, many billboards also reduce the cost per billboard, therefore reducing the money spent on billboard advertising.

“Walang dinaya doon. Bakit? Kasi po it's a series of billboard na lalabas over the coming several months, ‘yong progress ng weight loss ko…hanggang you reach the ideal weight para makita na it's working and it's gradual,” she said.

John Kluge and Arturo Moreno, owners of Fortune 400 companies have made billions through the billboard advertising industry. What is the billboard advertising industry you ask. These are basically big signs that one sees while driving through big cities or down highways. The signs that tell you where to stop for a bite to eat or a place to spend the night. The same signs that keep you informed and up to date on promotions, sales and upcoming events.

Images and banner advertisements can be kept on web pages. You can use social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, for promoting business products and services. Online classified advertising includes websites that provides ad platforms for niche markets of sellers and buyers.

However, there are also new rules and strategies that should be applied specifically to Digital Billboard Advertising. This medium of Advertising and Marketing may be more expensive to implement than the conventional type but it is still in many ways, the safer bet. With a digital billboard, you can create multiple billboard presentations, narrow them down to the most promising few, and try them out either on trial-and-error basis or a daily or even hourly rotation. It also makes for a fairly easy cost-sharing mechanism. Rather than pay for a 24/7 billboard display, you can buy a timeshare at a location with rotating ad displays.