Pennsylvania Billboard Landlords Have Options 

Digital billboards are built and placed like traditional billboards except that they have giant LCD display screens instead of vinyl. There are also digital ads that does not use any screens at all but makes use of projectors instead in order to have a 3D life- like effect on their ads. In the beginning of this advance form of billboards advertising, they only involved huge television screens on highways that change advertisements every now and then. But nowadays, people can actually manipulate billboards using WiFi and Bluetooth. Just like that McDonald’s billboard that allows you to play ping pong or that Jell- O Pudding Billboard that is powered by twitter. Some billboards have even incorporated augmented reality to impress the audience just like Axe’s “Fallen Angels” subway advertising in London which attracted a lot of male commuters and non- commuters or SMRT Media’s “Million Dollar Grab” campaign in Singapore.

Poster billboards are also used for exterior billboard advertising. They are impressed on 10 to 30 sheets of heavy paper, depending on the size of the advertisement. These types of billboards also last for about 1 month, depending on weather conditions - after which it is best to remove them before they harm your business’s image by looking “sloppy”.

Cuneta recently lambasted former celebrity doctor Hayden Kho after he allegedly took a swipe at her billboard on Twitter. Kho is the boyfriend of Dr. Vicki Belo, owner of the Belo Medical Clinic. The target of her fury was this statement made by Kho last January 28: “There's a billboard ad in EDSA developed by advertisers who think consumer are stupid. Guess.”

Instead of waiting for your annual billboard land lease checks you can sell your billboard lease and receive a cash lump sum payment. Some billboard lease agreements make it possible for the sign company to terminate the billboard lease with 30 days notice. Taking a lump sum payment now guarantees your payment amount and removes your risk of future payments being terminated. There are also tax benefits to be gained by taking a lump sum cash payment instead of annual payments. 

Online advertising is increasing its popularity these days. Advertising done through Internet is termed as online advertising. Social networking advertising, online classified advertising, advertising networks, and search engine results are some of the modes of online advertising.